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Chattanooga native Kamden E. Doyle is a freelance writer, creator of three conceptual realities operating in the same expanding universe. Rising Flames of the Scorching South was penned to be a standalone book with just enough hangers for a potential expansion. Once finished, Kam’s attachment to the characters told him the story must go on.


“Never completely close the door on a good world. Always leave a crack, no matter how small.”


He has one completed speculative fiction manuscript in his Songless Bird series and a prequel currently in the works. He has also authored four books in his Imelda fantasy series. All will be available soon. The next release will be the sequel to the first book in this two-part series, titled Smoldering Ashes of the Morning Star.


Rising Flames of the Scorching South spoke out as his debut novel. Kamden’s ability to scale his mind’s barriers and venture to dark places, spinning a web that falls neatly together in a tale of catastrophic consequences made him the perfect author for such a story.


At some point, the realities in his literary universe could potentially collide in an epic finale of blended narratives.


Kamden penned his first short story in the fourth grade, but it wasn’t until his mid-thirties before the bug bit him.


“If I miss a morning of writing, my entire day is thrown off kilter. I always wondered why I disliked school so much but loved writing papers.”


“I had reached a point where there was no other choice. It was do or die. Never quit. This is what I had to become, and Rising Flames of the Scorching South was an ideal place to start.”


With an interest in writing that quickly evolved into an escape, his true disdain for the run of the mill job was revealed. At 40, Kamden decided to put all his eggs into the writing basket. Nine years later, this husband, and father of two wonderful children is taking his first step toward the goal of supporting himself with his writing. This drive was described as a cumbersome weight on Kam’s shoulders that refused to lessen until he completed his transition into the life he craved as a professional author.


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Smoldering Ashes of the Morning Star

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